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I specialize helping in mid-sized agriculture, technology, and education companies generate traffic through seo-friendly content and social engagement. Together, we can create engaging blog posts, articles, white papers, and social media content for every step of the buying cycle.

And if you don't know where to start, let me diagnose your content gaps with a content audit. After a comprehensive content inventory and gap analysis, we can begin building your platform.

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Content AuditsPlan your path.

Blog PostsContent your audience craves.

Social Media ManagementEngage your audience.

White PapersIntroduce your product the right way.

GhostwritingFind your voice.

Front-End Design & DevelopmentConsistent branding across your site.

Content Strategy

You wouldn't go hiking on a isolated trail without a map, right? Together we can create a practical map to generate traffic and leads. After a comprehensive content and social media audit, we can begin filling in the gaps with seo-optimized content.

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Web Copy

Amp your brand through stunning blog content, landing pages, and a long-term SEO strategy. Whether you want to reach other businesses or the everyday consumer, I can communicate to match the tone and caliber of your business clearly to your audience.

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Social Media Management

It's not all about creating content. You have to share it, too. Social media isn't just about making posts, it's about finding top influencers and interacting with your audience. This can be draining and confusing - so let me manage it for you, while you focus on what you love.

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What Clients Say?

I would trust this woman with my life just about. Incredible attention to detail, incredible insight. She was humble enough to research and add her footnotes in for me, I couldn't thank her enough. Kelsey, you're the real MVP, everyone hire this woman!

Lathan Craft Author
Testimonial for Kelsey Ray from Ryan McCarl, founder of WordBrewery

Kelsey has been a pleasure to work with and has played a huge role in WordBrewery’s growth. One year after she started managing our social media accounts and blog, our Twitter impressions alone jumped 2480%, and our email course with Highbrow continues to have a 50.4% open rate. Kelsey is consistent and repeatedly offers suggestions to strengthen and grow our content and social strategies.

Ryan McCarl WordBrewery
Testimonial for Kelsey Ray by Andrew Brown, a student in her online Grammar Course

It [the course] is very specific and has a good pedagogical approach!

Andre Brown Student Comment translated from French

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